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Glen Allan
3 min readMay 12, 2021

It’s interesting to see this notion of being locked down happening all over the place.

How comfortable are you with just yourself? How much do you actually like your spouse? How much do you even really raise your kids vs passing them off to others to do the indoctrination that they then have to deprogram for the rest of their lives?

How much of this so-called connection do people engage with “normally” has even a slight amount of depth to it? Is it all just a distraction so we don’t have to think about how unsatisfied we are with daily nothing life?

Being isolated and having to self-manage and self-motivate to be a fully realized human seems rather difficult for a lot of people. More time is spent engaging in being distracted than actually creating something; where life is almost entirely prescriptive and doesn’t require conscious deliberation.

Like habit or compulsion, how many people are just zombies or ghosts most of the time, and when faced with each other or themselves under stressful conditions don’t know how to get along.

I just saw a post mentioning boredom and just 30 seconds later heard it brought up in a podcast. Like it’s a real thing that people don’t know what to do. Self-direction is just not there for so many.

This is scary to me… It shows how fully absorbed people can be in the influence of lifestyle sales and advertising and the way we are supposed to live sold to us in every TV show and movie. Like we don’t know how to create a life outside of expectation or prescription or tradition and don’t know how to actually interface outside of a shallow avatar of a person even in “real” life.

It’s not just that people are being actively controlled. It’s that being a real person and making choices and taking actions means you might stand out in the wrong way and have to be responsible for thinking, saying, and acting in ways that might challenge convention and possibly alter your social position and comfort.

So as long as people sell you your identity and safety and tell you who you are supposed to be, it’s all good. Then you can point fingers and blame those other people who do choose to try something different when things go weird, not realizing the kind of action those people are taking is what creates the change you always say you want in the world.

You are the system as much as the system is some looming abstraction of power compelling your action. Risking comfort and security is what makes change happen, and if we don’t take those risks this shit will not change. It’ll just go back to the same repetition of nothing that keeps you consuming, powerless, and feeding the few who exploit and capitalize on your fear of stepping out and being seen.

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