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It seems it’s hard for people to understand the difference between fear of the other and racism. It tends to be the ones on the liberal side who seem to have the most issue with it, but certainly not only them.

Academics are some of the most annoying in this respect… Looking at things from too high a place, missing a lot of basic understandings; which is that humans are driven by fear and build their ideologies as a survival mechanism focused on securing the world they think will give them the best chance at survival.

It’s easy to call some simply ignorant. It’s also majorly myopic and lacks insight or compassion.

Everyone ends up more conservative than liberal. Especially when they have more to lose. And your conceptions of the world are a threat to them if they don’t align with what they think makes them safe. Political battles are literally battles over who gets to control what being safe means. There is no fight for liberty anymore. This is a war over who gets to control the kind of oppression that happens and to whom, for the sake of security.

Almost every human drive is fundamentally connected to increasing survival probability. And anything or anyone who is not in alignment with what is “believed” to be the “right” way to do it is the enemy.

But humans are stupid. Evolution designed our thinking in ways that tend to focus on the short-term and the closest realities that can be connected with. Add in the internet of bias holes, and the country’s border is all of a sudden the fence line on your personal property, and those other people trying to come in, are in many minds a literal threat to their existential reality. And all of our society’s ways of selling value reinforce these ideas.

It’s not actually how the universe works. Actual safety comes by adaptation to uncertainty. In our efforts to create a safer world, we’ve unintentionally designed in fear of change. I’ve said this before many times… While we were designed to seek predictable patterns and exploit them, we survived because of our capacities for adaptation to uncertainty. It’s like a misfiring of good intentions that instead of bringing equilibrium, divides and creates fear.

Show me a culture that embraces changes and losses as positive lessons about the nature of reality, and I’ll show you what actually being liberal is. What it isn’t is religion, post-emergent culture, government, the sacred, or anything which codifies belief. It misses the point in the message and turns into its own ends while creating a world full of fragility and failure models waiting for massive collapse.

It is how trauma gains so much power. When you are raised to fear change, anything different destroys your world and breaks your sense of dependable continuity, you then cannot help but decide that your survival is being threatened. That is the root of conservative thinking, and all major cultures try their hardest to keep the world in a fixed state, so they can “feel” safe, while that action only makes it less so as it strips all of the natural equilibriums and feedback mechanisms that keep the system stable. What we want is not safety, but stability.

It’s rather funny that people think they are actually liberal. It’s rather funny that liberals think a better world is one where everyone must treat each other equally, to the point of legally compelling them to do so, and to then not consider that behavior to also be conservative oppression. Humans… We are fucking idiots wrecking our world because we’ve built frameworks for thinking that focus on control instead of realizing that nothing can ever stay the same.

Any one of you could have been on the other side of the argument you hate if the conditions were right. Your enemy is fighting for the same thing you are. They are a reflection of you, just coming from a different way of framing the basic concepts. The code isn’t even bad, but the interpretation and expression we’ve written is a shit show.

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Glen Allan

Glen Allan

A multifarious heretical transgressive iconoclast seeking the chaos that will bring order to the world.