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The problem comes in talking about what the goal is, and what works to achieve it. If wealth and power accumulation for the sake of itself are the goal, then this system isn’t too bad at that, and exploitation does a fairly good, if highly inefficient job of it. At least within the context of dominance in human social systems. If might is right, then this world is quite morally right.

If the goal however is the transcendence of consciousness out of an evolutionary dead end, a liberty of being that allows the human potential to become more aware of itself and its nature and to rise above its evolutionary programming, then oppression simply doesn’t do the job.

All our genes care about is that we successfully replicate as much as possible. Transcending that paradigm to realize maybe we shouldn’t simply follow the directives of genetic determinism at face value and developing our capacities to work together to build systems which lessen pain and create more opportunities to flourish within our nature are good because then we might, just maybe, become something more than just stupid apes.

A morality based on empathy and against pain alone lead to self-immolation at scales and in ways far greater and more brutal than all the diseases we’ve tried to cure ever would if we’d just let them keep this herd in check. But because as soon as we were able, assuming we were already the greatest thing in the universe, we have left ourselves on the brink of completely destroying ourselves.

We are a stupid species and always have been. A Dunning-Kruger experiment of arrogance about our own importance using a metric of value based on the extent to which we can use biological damage sensors to control each other; while tuning our capacity for trauma to the highest level possible.

It’s rather pathetic, us. But sure, argue about which arbitrary ideological delusion should have dominance. That’s worked so far. It’s not like we’ve not had all of recorded history to show us how useless that strategy is.

Keep framing reality in the context of pain as morality and this species isn’t going to last. If it was going to work it would have already.

Your enemy isn’t that shithead who believes in some version of reality you don’t like. Your enemy is you, your incapacity to see this is all an experiment to see if you can be more than just your programming.

At this we are failing. Hard.

Originally published at https://www.binary-chaos.net.



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Glen Allan

Glen Allan

A multifarious heretical transgressive iconoclast seeking the chaos that will bring order to the world.