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I keep finding problems with the idea of outsourcing our connection to enforcement and punishment of law. If a choice is made morally palatable only by having a third party take responsibility for punitive action, then culpability of choice is abstracted.

While some might claim this an ideal way to deal with social problems, it perpetuates the flippant use of law and authority as a way to continue not being personally responsible and involved in social dynamics.

I’m more and more convinced that areas like law are not an appropriate arena for things like efficiency. I don’t mean to say I’m against due process… I mean that in my view the process would be far more self-regulated and accountable if the sentence was determined and enforced by the people in the community where the offense happened.

How likely do you think it would be that we would have so many laws made, and people dismissed in a cage somewhere, if you had to put them there and be responsible for them? How likely would people often end up enacting “criminal behavior” if real communities existed and anonymity and isolation were warning signs for behavioral deviance?

Law, as a general concept is made more and more necessary the less connected people are to each other. Then we see criminals as pathologies instead of friends, and our dependence on the state will go nowhere but up.

The police state is a direct result of disconnection from each other, and the use of capital to pay others to be responsible for choices we don’t want to make. If you want to understand privilege, this is what it looks like. But, as you can see… It isn’t a solution to a problem. It’s deflecting the responsibility and the visibility of the problem to somewhere else, and without the empathy of a community available to mediate the expression of this behavior, creates the problem it tries to solve. It also makes it much clearer why cops are institutionally abusive and corrupt; disconnected and without context; don’t care and aren’t accountable.

This is all a systems theory of human connection; and how things like culpability, responsibility, law creation, ethics, enforcement, interpretation, sentencing, and punishment are necessarily dehumanized functions when capital is used as a replacement for involvement. There’s no reason why people would act this badly if we prioritized connection as much as individuality. We don’t have more random criminals, we have a system that creates them.

If a government is not literally of the people (actively), then it is not for (and likely against) the people. The existence of law itself is a determinant factor in showing us how much or little we value each other, versus dogma.

Originally published at https://www.binary-chaos.net.



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Glen Allan

Glen Allan

A multifarious heretical transgressive iconoclast seeking the chaos that will bring order to the world.