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I’ve been tripping out a bit about the idea of rating systems for children. Playing video games with advertisements, or seeing what is considered appropriate “programming” for children is in my view rather disgusting.

I’d rather a kid be exposed to hardcore porn and the church of satan than being inculcated with messages promoting capitalism, statism and policing as positive, standard romantic relationship models, breeding as a positive, divisive competition, war mentality, the idea that everything can be bought and sold, class status, religious nonsense, the constant black & white dichotomy of some kind of moral absolutist nonsense… Really all of these things that the culture and society have decided to normalize that ends up creating more and more shitty alienated humans dependent on and supportive of top-down hierarchies of power and domination.

There is almost nothing about the standard narrative of this world that I find appealing in even the slightest. And the brutal pounding of these narratives into a kid’s head through every channel done so fiercely that no parent could possibly raise a kid effectively enough to slightly match the level of influence without also shutting them off from what’s necessary to understand how to navigate it enough to survive, makes the idea of bringing more humans into this world utterly pointless to the point that to just have a kid is to damage them so completely.

I find standard human ethics a steaming pile of useless shit. But even by the standards that humans have created their ethical and moral systems by, I find it quite confusing how much “we’ve” decided this kind of reality framing and normalization matches any sense of “right”. But because what is considered “right” or “moral” is rooted in control, and due to these things being fundamentally subjective and constructs focused on wishing reality would be what is wanted instead of actually trying to determine what makes sense, we have a global system building to collapse under its own weight.

All these things people call virtuous and the path you are supposed to take, are things I see as deliberate delusions and control systems designed to build power systems that do nothing to advance the potential of conscious development and liberation. All kinds of focus geared toward creating and defining a world of certainty in a universe that offers none except for that it won’t be that.

This is why I don’t post much or comment much on Social Media anymore. Do you really want to hear this kind of dismantling of what you’ve accepted as normal, where all of the things you have been programmed with through your life are challenged to the point that you might see the world through a lens that doesn’t offer the delusions that make you feel better about a world that’s falling apart? Probably not. As humans, the biggest things our cultures do is reinforce the thinking that feeds any delusions that offer an escape from taking real account of our condition. Instead, it all tries to stimulate your reward system and predefine every path you “should” take to be considered “healthy”, even as the foundations of all top-down human-made control systems crumble before your eyes.

For me, it’s a hard one to find the ways of talking about it that will actually make an impact on how you perceive reality without you wanting to just immediately shut down when hearing it. This effort to illustrate what’s happening and has been happening so long is deeply problematic in how to approach that narrative. Humans have put so much effort into convincing themselves these ways of existing are correct, and that we can ultimately find the “right” way to control the outcomes, that to see differently would cause a global mental break that by itself would collapse civilization. Even though unless we do change our ways of seeing and being it will do that even more.

And as far as I can tell anyway, collapsing civilization is exactly what will be needed to ensure this species survives long enough to build something that actually leads to what our potential could be. But framing this in ways that people will be receptive to is such a hard problem. It feels impossible.

I’ll still try though, and if nothing else it needs to be said in any way it can just so the info is out there and people will be able to look back and realize this was known. It’s a strange one to know how much one will be hated for trying to help. when It’s not the kind of help people want to understand. But the standard result of expressing this kind of thing honestly and openly is that one would be deemed a horrible person. It would not be seen as compassionate or meet any moral standard that is out there, even though the point is to find a path that gives this species and its conscious potential the best possible chances of becoming more than what it is.

I just needed to vent all of this. There’s more to come. It’s just slow to come as it’s very difficult understanding how to say it.

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Glen Allan

Glen Allan

A multifarious heretical transgressive iconoclast seeking the chaos that will bring order to the world.