The more you try to fix it, the worse it gets. | binary-chaos

It was quite the head trip to realize that the thing that has caused most of the problems in human existence was the desire for safety and security put into law and practice.

  • That the reason the ecosystem is failing is because we tried to make a better world.
  • That the harder we fight to preserve life, the more vulnerable we are to the most horrific mass deaths.
  • That trying to make us healthier with our healthcare systems makes us weaker.
  • That every step we took using our technologies and people ruling systems causes the environment to have to compensate, weakening the equilibrium that gave us life, and acts to oppress people.
  • That trying to fix the problems in our governments builds their capacity for violence and the same path to reduce liberty.
  • That the revolutions in food production capabilities to feed the people created foods of reduced biodiversity and cannot nutritionally sustain us giving us chronic illness and all kinds of disease that costs everyone.

We made the thinking mistake at some point in thinking that safety and security means making everything controllable and reducing the complexity of it, not realizing that doing so destroys the robustness of the organic self-preserving systems.

I mean, when we first thought this the greater system was much bigger than us, by a lot. So for a long time, that system was able to compensate for our misunderstandings about how security and safety actually work. Instead of seeking more interdependence and harmony with the stability of natural chaotic systems, we decided certainty of outcomes should be the ultimate goal.

And what we are left with is exactly the opposite. Repeated failure model after failure model and we just kept doing it. Seeking certainty and believing we are above nature.

And now we’ve built these control systems so big that we can’t actually change them in a way that will make any difference. Also because our moral systems (which are also based on safety and control) cannot even remotely cope with the kinds of choices that would be necessary to do anything close to rectifying the problem. And even those things will probably still be based on creating more safety and security, further embedding the problem.

Nature has already given us the appropriate level of sustainable security. It spent billions of years refining that process to make us, and will destroy not only us, but most other forms of life that also found equilibrium in our efforts to make the world what we want it to be.

Some cultures realized that death wasn’t something to avoid at all costs and that pain was there to teach value. But those cultures were wiped out.

And what will humans do to “fix” the problem? Try harder. Add more energy to the system in the places that reduce complexity and create fragility.

It’s probably the biggest irony I’ve stumbled upon. That all we think is for our best interests and save the most humans and create the most certainty and the best chances for the most of us to live, are exactly the things that will take all of those things away.

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A multifarious heretical transgressive iconoclast seeking the chaos that will bring order to the world.

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Glen Allan

Glen Allan

A multifarious heretical transgressive iconoclast seeking the chaos that will bring order to the world.

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