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The Nature of change in societies that promise security | binary-chaos

In a universe which is fundamentally based on change, any attempts at making safety and security (certainty) of prime value, will by default introduce a higher level of uncertainty somewhere in that system.

In human social systems, we bring the illusion of security and certainty through the use of oppression, where the people with the most power direct the energy of uncertainty and change toward those with fewer means for power. Those at the middle and bottom can then absorb the change in such a way which doesn’t affect those who use their power to create their illusion of security… At least for a while.

Eventually, this arrangement always fails, as the energy of change cannot be permanently held back from even those at the top, and societies collapse back into a natural chaotic arrangement which brings emergent order back to the whole, where the energy of change is then naturally distributed throughout the whole system and not directed away from those who wish to have privileged immunity from it.

The powers which want this immunity use vehicles such as religion and advertising to sell to the rest their value in the system and a belief that if they conform to the rules presented to them, they too may rise up the ranks and eventually win the prize of immunity from change; while demonizing, or even killing and imprisoning, those who they feel do not fit or deserve to have access to their privilege. And the class systems throughout this system perpetuate this illusion, creating conflicts more often between those in the middle and the bottom classes, until eventually the illusion bubble is popped and the effects of change cannot help but rise to the top.

This is not a necessary way to do this, just the one humans have chosen most often, and which always fails, over and over.

If we can accept that the nature of the universe is change and not certainty, then the changes can be spread out in such a way as to not have to be devastating to the individuals facing them, but can be absorbed by everyone around in a less intense manner. Even a change in this perspective might wreck us a bit, untill we can finally accept that nothing stays the same and there’s no good reason for it to.

Death has never been the enemy… Our refusal to accept it has. The universe doesn’t give a shit about what is right or wrong, it simply offers ways that either work or do not; and in this universe, the only certainty is change.

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A multifarious heretical transgressive iconoclast seeking the chaos that will bring order to the world.

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